Every Picture Tells A Story

Lightning Over OK

Producing “compelling digital imagery” is not always as easy as whipping out your smart phone and snapping a photo. For this shot, I drove across the Red River from Texas into Oklahoma while being guided by a friend in Ohio who was watching the radar for me. My buddy guided me down some dirt farm roads until I reached the back-side of this super-cell thunderstorm over Frederick, OK. Once in place, I quickly set up my metal tripod and began taking long exposures of 30 seconds or more… and came away with some very impressive lightning photos. One component of photography often overlooked is the ability to anticipate action to get that “right place, right time” imagery. This takes some practice, and a bit of luck. Here’s another example :

One of a handful of surviving P-38 aircraft from WW II is escorted across the skies by an F-16 fighter in what has been termed the “Heritage Flight”. This image was taken in Dayton, Ohio during their famous air show. Anticipating the action and being prepared to “get the shot” will help you get more keepers out of your photo excursions !


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