Celtic_BrideEach project, large or small, is quoted on an individual basis. We do not offer a “cookie cutter” list of prices as no two assignments are ever the same. You are investing in our talent, experience, creativity, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

As an example, this magazine cover was created, printed, and framed for these newlyweds for just $399.00, and now hangs in their home as a cherished reminder of their special day.

Your digital imaging project may be more, or less, depending on such factors as location, type of photography requested, turn-around time, etc. If you are looking to hire a wedding photographer, Gulf Coast Imagery will gladly act as a “second” (candid) photographer to capture those moments that might get overlooked by your primary photographer. Need a great image of your power boat surging through the Gulf of Mexico ? We have access to local helicopter services for those action images that call for aerial photography. Perhaps you have a unique product or service that requires the technical expertise of a commercial product photographer…..if you can imagine it, Gulf Coast Imagery can likely create it.

Contact us to discuss your digital imaging needs – we love to talk to our customers !